Відгомін життя

1. Розпачливий зойк дівиці…
2. Вимогливий плач немовляти…
3. Крик ненависті до тата.
4. І перша спалена хата.
5. Веселий хрип новобранця,
6. І плач над могилою бранця.
7. Лайка священика в церкві.
8. І знову – перед могилою –
9. Рингтон із його кишені.
10. Кадило пропалить ризу,
11. Бо музика йде десь ізнизу.
12. Ти знаєш, що смерті немає.
13. Бо ввечері знов пролунає
14. Довірливий зойк Надії…

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  1. ERNŐ RUBIK – Cube
Rubic's Cube

Rubic’s Cube (as far as I know it)


I am not any perfume lover. I neither use nor sell them.

More than that – I don’t feel much of the perfume smells.

That is because of my nose and my scull which were heavily broken during another small War where the Soviet Army did not take part, as usually, then back in 1970-th.

For your better understanding of the times of that another “not War at all” I just dare to explain you such things: when me and my six the same way heavily wounded 22-years-old camarades soldiers were visited by the headquarters’ officers in the Vladivostok City Military Hospital – they were asked us:

– What can we do to you, as you are the heroes from now on? Shading your blood, losing your body-parts on the Far-East Battlefields you save our Motherland as also as the Peace on the Planet. Ask whatever you want. You’ll have it here immediately.

– Vodka? – asked a guy with his battle-name Sokol (minus eye, broken spine, metal crate instead of his teeth).

Generals nodded in agreement. Yet doctor pleaded in his non-brave trembled voice, –

– Not vodka, please… At least here, in my neurosurgery department..!

– Then what?! – continued to insist the generous generals.

We realized we could have literally everything that minute, probably. And according to our young nature we asked for a new mysterious gadget we widely heard those days of.

– Rubik’s Cube..?

– One? – was generals’ astonished adding remark.

– Six! For each of us altogether! – was our unanimous arrogant confirmation.

We knew we could demand for totally everything that historical day, because we were told we just saved the World! Still we asked for just six Rubik’s Cubes for each of us.


Shortly, in the next three days, a big military airplane delivered from Moscow to Vladivostok the first ever six (!) multicolored Cubes designed by Mr. Ernő Rubik.

Those cubes were made of glossy plastic which smelled like the whole Future!

Still I was not able to enjoy the smell, because my nose was deeply stamped into my head and instead of my neck those days I had an open wet bloody hole there.

Hundreds of other wounded soldiers from other hospital departments were jealous to us. They were coming toward our door and stayed watching or listening as we happily click-clacked our own Rubik’s Cubes with either both our hands (those who had two of their hands still in belonging) or with one (those who had such a bad luck).

We were totally happy those days having our penicillin injections and the Magic Cube tactics disputes…


  1. EVES ROCHER – Spray
That very Boutique where my Wife was Happy fo the last time in her life...

One of Ives Rocher Boutiques in Kyiv, Ukraine


My beloved Wife new everything of nice clothing, interior design, colors and smells.

Our shopping usually ended in perfume boutiques with her sigh of despair:

– I adore that smell! – cried she.

– Then let us buy it. – answered I.

– We cannot afford it. It is too expensive! – was her the next well known answer.

– My dear, let me do a gift for you?

– No! You’d rather bring some perfumes to me from your next business-trip from abroad, okay?

– Okay, but why not today?

– Conversation is over! – was then her usual answer. And I obeyed her, hearing my first colonel’s notes in her voice. Yet I was a senior sergeant.


Still, another day it was my own non-controlled revolt. That day I demanded from my Wife:

– Take all the perfumes you were dreamt of!

– Then we’ll be ruined! – shouted she in despair.

– Don’t make me tell it again. – Ordered I, adding, – Dear.

And that very moment she decided to obey me.

She became so decisive to take three different bottles repeatedly pronouncing aloud the perfumes’ names which mean nothing to me, except of their price. And I was lucky to afford them then.

You, my dear readers, can’t imagine and I was not prepared to see my Wife Nataliya Shakhray such totally happy as I saw her that very day!

– I always knew that you love me, my dear! – Shouted she exaggerated.

– I do, I do! – Repeated I several times, – Did you dare to doubt it?! You know you are my Only Lovely Lady. You are the Dearest Woman in the World for me.

And we returned home that evening. And she put those three perfumes bottles on her shelf among her other small treasures.


And since then I see all three of them every morning I approach the mirror to shave. They stood shining among a dozen of such things women need to have in their belonging to be sure they are beloved. Even when they pass away, as it not so long happened to my Dearest Wife.

She died soon in a month after we bought those perfumes from Mr. Eves Rocher.


Thank to these two men we both, me and my Wife, were really happy in our days.

Despite of they are not magicians but just producers, they managed to do this for us.




Volodymyr Serdiuk. Cube and Spray. Short Story. July 2016. Kyiv, Ukraine.


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Учора на верхівку квітучого каштана перед нашим балконом сів ангел.

Самого ангела ми не бачили, мабуть був ще не час, але саме верхівка з декількома найвищими гілками раптом засяяла теплим м’яким світлом, мов удень, хоча на місто вже спустилася синя пітьма.

Каштан квітне.

Каштан квітне.

У густо-блакитній вечірній імлі вже потонули оточуючі дерева і будинки. І лише пляма світла з десятком білих китиць квітів каштану, немов свічками в ній, ще довго залишалася перед нашими очима.

Ми, у захваті, побігли по свої мобільні телефони, фотоапарати та відеокамери, наввипередки намагаючись зафіксувати це щастя, якийсь несподіваний гоноровий дарунок, чи знак.

Проте жоден знімок не відбивав справжньої картини того явища, яке ми бачили перед собою: на матрицях залишалися або цілковито чорний колір ночі, або рівномірно осяяне фотоспалахами молоде дерево каштану. Сяючого посеред темряви вершечка дерева апарати не бачили.

Феномен теплого, сконцентрованого в одному місці острівця світла, бачили лише людські очі присутніх при цьому свідків.

Вони наввипередки намагалися описати реально існуючий, і явно тимчасовий, феномен. Були припущення, ніби то світить випадковий ліхтар з найвищого поверху, крізь хмари пробивається останній промінь далекого сонця, що вже зайшло, якимось чином на дерево відбивається світло від ліхтарів автомобіля знизу, якого ми не бачимо;  і останнім припущенням було – може то хтось так жартує?

«Ангел, – подумалось мені, – сів на вершечку серед густого листя молодого дерева посеред міського двору серед багатоповерхівок. Його золоте пір’я сяє, а самого ангела ми не бачимо, як і не чуємо мелодії його сурми.»

У тому, що він, відпочиваючи, ще й награє собі музику, я ні на мить не засумнівався.

Можливо, ангел приніс нам звістку, що ми не зможемо забрати з собою краси цього світу. Як і не зможемо вповні розповісти про неї тим, хто такої краси не бачив. Це також була розповідь про марність спроб укласти красу нашого світу в якісь, нехай і найсучасніші, матриці.

Своєю явною присутністю ангел заохочував споглядати і мріяти.

А, може, просто бажав нам доброї ночі.


(Володимир Сердюк)

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Прості речі. Телевізор.

Коротке означення:

Телевізор – це скринька, яка керує вашим адреналіном.


Перш ніж вмикати, варто дізнатися – хто керує тією скринькою.


Tandberg TV-Set made in 1962



Оригінал фото: TV-Set


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(Володимир Сердюк. “Засіб від головного болю”.)

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Jim Sumcay’s Photography – In the Search of Humanism in the Humans’ Life


…Again and again I return to watch Jim Sumkay’s

“No Comments” Photo Set from Paris

Those are the pictures of Paris from the year of 2012.

Jim Sumkay speaks French.

Therefore, it is nothing special for him to make another trip to Paris.

Jim Sumkay is not a French Citizen.

That is why, his own view on the life of Parisiens is always fresh.

He lives in Liege, Belgium, that is why he happened to be situated in the heart of current European affairs, simply because the Belgium’s Capital City is Brussel.

Europeans need not explanations about this special City role in the everyday troubles, plans and political achievements of the United Europe.

Jim Sumkay is an Artist. He is a Photographer.

His Art is day-to-day and minute-to-minute as Jim shoots ordinary people in their ordinary events during their participation in very common and very casual street life.

He never ask people to pose and he never ask them to introduce their inner family life in private surrounding entourage. His models often hardly notice the Artist’s presence near them at all. Because Jim Sumkay is a very gentle man. There is not a shameful picture among his collections. Every person, described on Jim Sumkay’s photos, may proudly show the picture with them to their spouse or children or even put it on the shelf in their Mother’s room as their own visit card of their own daily life. Parents will appreciate the photo as so as grandchildren – because the photo shows the pure truth: the Life as It is.

From his own experience Jim knows that the Life could be drastically severe.

That is why his own artistic trademark is the black and white gamma mainly. These two very basic colors could add a tragic dimensions to every Jim’s photo. Still, they rather help observers to find stable basic landmarks of the events fixed in pictures, where left is left and right is right, and bottom could never be mixed with up. Using the colors in an extremely reasonable way Jim shows us what he saw in his own narrative way.

His pictured stories teach us to be calm. He surely knows the reason of many things. Probably not all of them… Yet, Jim Sumkay is trying to reach their hidden meaning using the technique he mastered – which is Photography.

Showing us his own stills photography portraits Jim also proposes us to follow him in the search of deeper meaning of the simple objects. As he knows from some time that the deeper meaning is the only and one true meaning of an object or of some event.

Stairways in Paris. Photo by Jim Sumkay

Stairways in Paris. Photo by Jim Sumkay


For example, this his photo of the shadows of the staircase rulings may be the symbol of current days Paris or Brussel in November 2015 equally – it is evidently black and white. No other colors. No other choices: just We or Them, – Death or Life, – Up or Down. After all, in some miraculous way, observing the shadows of the staircase rulings, we finally but gradually understand the directions of the pictured stairway – it heading upstairs. To the Better Future.

Terrorism and Wars will not led all the people astray. People will always find their way back home where the doors are wide open and all the staircases are heading upstairs. That is the meaning of Jim Sumkay’s teaching.

That is what he sure of and what he make us to believe: Life is not so rigid – everything will be fine finally.


Volodymyr Serdiuk,

Ukrinform Photo Service Editor-in-Chief

November 29, 2015. Kyiv, Ukraine.


Jim Sumkay Photography

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Live again

Так буває…
Раз в житті,
Але буває –
Відчуття, що я живу
Не лиш за себе…



Abandoned House of Irises in Kyiv.

Photo by Volodymyr Serdiuk

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