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История ХХІ-го века…

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Believe me

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Wait for the Call

…Day of Leasure One may have One Day. Time of Pleasure One can not reject. Deeping to the Scilense, feeling Gay, Don’t forget your Lover’s Call react… (Volodymyr Serdiuk. Drop-in-Verses)  

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Putin denies my Right 4 existance

Kyiv City – Fredom of my Life. Moskow Kremlin – Center of my Hate. Why must I approve that I’m alive? While my Ukraine still exists! (Volodymyr Serdiuk)

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За “колорадскую ленточку” еще придется отвечать

Моя мама, Надежда Петровна Шевченко, рассказывает как, еще ребенком, наблюдала из окна дома первый советский танк, вошедший на станцию Удачная Донецкой области, Украина. Continue reading

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Cloud Whisperer

…Sitting on the City Treshhold Kidding with the Next Door Kid Wondering Grandeur of Sunset I forget to shoot It As I always did… (Volodymyr Serdiuk)

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Rain in May

Dropping Verses: I like that mercy Rain,
That falling from the Sky.
It makes
No one is noticing
I cry. Continue reading

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