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Planet Shakers

…We always had a Feeling
We’ve always had a Choice
– To Stop.
And still we’re drilling… The Earth… Continue reading

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Cloud Whisperer

…Sitting on the City Treshhold Kidding with the Next Door Kid Wondering Grandeur of Sunset I forget to shoot It As I always did… (Volodymyr Serdiuk)

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Rain in May

Dropping Verses: I like that mercy Rain,
That falling from the Sky.
It makes
No one is noticing
I cry. Continue reading

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Farewell to Steve Jobs. 06.10.2011

BEFORE THE LIGHT by Volodymyr Serdiuk .. .. Join me up and call me honey! Join me up before I leave! Join me up With my friend Fanny Yet she knows the way we live! .. .. Two pretty eyes. … Continue reading

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