“…There are no Heroes among Men fighting on Russia’s side in Ukraine – there are only Russian Executioners there.”

Despite of heavy loses Ukraine suffer from Russia’s aggression on its territory we do not get mad, yet.
Ukrainian people are not all Stupid Nationalists as they shown in Russian TV.
We clearly distinguish those Russians who came to our land to kill us in our houses and those who still see the future Russia Federation as Free and Democratic State.
Despite of current anti-Ukrainian War and Russian Occupation of Crimea, pats of Luhansk and Donetsk Ukrainian Regions, we still keep Contacts with those our Russian Friends who want to talk to us.

Russian Army in Ukraine

Russian Occupants in Ukraine (Photo from ZiK )

Here is Written Statement from one of my Russian Friends:

“Millions of Russians depend now on one man’s ill will…
Those who listen to him and are ready to kill as he teach them, they still are ready to die for him, for sure.
Decades ago the Soviet propaganda had made “heroes” from the Soviet soldiers who returned home from Afghanistan dead or alive.
Nowadays Russian soldiers again die in Ukraine as Inglourious Punishers.
The old idea that Soldiers only obey Commands and the Responsibility totally lies on Power – does not work these days no more.
At least we must not let the Russian soldiers from occupation troops to be treated like some “heroes”.
I declare: There are no Heroes fighting on Russian side in Ukraine – there are only Russian Executioners there.”

These are true words of one of my Russian friends…


About volodymyrserdiuk

Always wanted to be a Writer. Having 3 novels, 16 plays, about 100 short-stories still am in shadow.
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